Why Black Obsidian Is The Healing Crystal Of Spirituality

Obsidian is naturally formed from molten lava coughed up during volcanic eruptions that has cooled and hardened too quickly for crystallization to take place.

So in a technical sense, it is more of a stone rather than a crystal. But it is generally categorized as a crystal nevertheless.

Some aliases include volcanic glass, royal agate, glass agate, etc.

They are generally black in color. Thus, they are often referred to as black obsidian.

However, they can exist in other colors as well including blue, mahogany, green, silver, and even rainbow obsidian.

In the world of crystal metaphysics, it is a stone that is boundless with possibilities and regarded to be extremely potent with manifestation in a very short time.

It’s ability to raise one to a higher level of self-awareness enables one to practice self-reflection with more clarity during meditation. Everything can be revealed.

Calling it a truth-seeking gemstone is an understatement.

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It is a crystal that encourages inner-growth while becoming a catalyst for others to grow along.

But because of their powers, they can sometimes lead one to go the opposite direction of self-improvement when used wrongly. And if you are not ready, you might even be consumed by your own inner revelations.

This is why new users of black obsidian are not suggested to allow the stone to facilitate looking into painful past memories and traumatic experiences.

One might bring those past negative emotions back with them into the present.

Basic display use for better meditation, self-reflection, zen and spiritual activities are fine.

It is also said that black obsidian also carries protective energy that repels negative energy in close proximity.

How to use obsidian

Black obsidian are commonly shaped as perfectly round spheres  or crystal balls.

They are set up to rest securely on a stand, and left on display on tables or counter tops.

If you have built a mediation room in the house then, it would obviously be the best place to locate it.

It must also be said that they are available in various sizes.

If you are the sole person who would be using it or would be the only one drawing on it’s magical powers, then a small personal sized black obsidian ball can be sufficient.

And when there are more people calling on it’s powers, you need to upsize it accordingly.

Black obsidian placement

As mentioned earlier, the most appropriate place to place this stone is the meditation or zen room.

And if you don’t have such a dedicated space for self-healing, then the living room would be suitable.

The ideal feng shui space to locate it would be the Tian Yi sector as identified by 8 mansions feng shui.

Just take note that it should be left in a space or corner where it can be left in peace without any potential threat of being knocked over.

That’s just bad feng shui.

When placement is in the bedroom, be mindful that you should not use one that is too overwhelming in size. This is because if you are unable to resist it’s powers, you can have constant nightmares of scary self-discovery.

Because of how potent and popular black obsidian is, jewelers also retail them as pendant necklaces, charm bracelets, on rings, etc.

Carrying one as a personal emblem can be very appropriate when you are going through a period of self-discovery and healing.

They also provide personal protection against negative vibes from the people around you. Keeping those with hidden agendas and hostile intentions at bay.

Black obsidian feng shui bracelets are actually one of the more popular lucky charm accessories sold by jewelers.

How to cleanse obsidian

Black obsidian should be regularly cleansed so as to refresh it’s aura.

Some healing practitioners recommended that they be cleansed by putting it under running water for a minute with each use of session of meditation.

Otherwise, using clean cloth and soapy water to wipe it with regularly would be sufficient.

Modern cleaning appliances like steam cleaners, ultrasonic cleaners, or even hairdryers are not recommended as they can damage the stones energy core.

There are also those who conduct cleansing rituals that involve putting the black obsidian crystal ball in a glass jar or container, fill it up with water, and leave it out in the sun for at least 2 hours. This is said to not just cleanse the stone’s energy, but also charge it with cosmic energy from the sun.

Other types of obsidian

Varieties of obsidian is not just limited to color and texture.

Two of the more common variations are the apache tear and snowflake obsidian.

Apache tear is a more subtle version of regular black obsidian in terms of energy. They are mostly used for aura protection and grounding of specific chakras.

The snowflake obsidian has snowflakes that look like white smudges on the stone. They are mostly meant to bring peace and calm from within.

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