What Does Hanging Bells On Strings Do In Feng Shui

Bells and wind chimes are some of the most popular feng shui products purchased by homeowners who practice feng shui.

In fact, many homeowners who don’t even believe in feng shui hang bells on strings for the sweet sounds the breeze brings.

It just brings more life to a living space compared to quiet silence.

They are also generally known to be an essential item in space cleansing.

Because of their popularity in households product designers and manufacturers have brought more and more feng shui bells onto the market.

These are basically rustic looking bells tied on strings with carvings or engravings of feng shui symbolism.

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The symbols are often words that carry deep meanings or symbols that represent certain aspects of life that are commonly used in the practice of symbolism.

Something to note is that when bells ring, they bring yang energy that strengthens the symbolism that feng shui bell is supposed to enhance.

For example, when bells are designed with artwork of Chinese coins, they represent wealth. So when the wind blows, the idea is that chi carried by the wind would be filled with wealth energy that is charged by the yang energy created by the ringing sounds of the bell.

For this reason they are often hung at the front door or at windows so that they are “activated” whenever the breeze comes in.

They can also frequently be found hanging on door knobs and handles so that they ring when the opens. This also charges the entering Chi with yang energy.

This also implies that the use of feng shui bells should not be for doors entering bedrooms as these are living spaces that are meant to be more yin than yang.

Some other popular symbols designed on bells include:

The best places to hang bells on strings is at the entry point of energy into the house like doors and windows.

They would have the biggest potency at areas of Sheng Chi or where a favorable water star is located.

On the other hand, if you hang them at the wrong places, they can activate unfavorable stars that causes bad luck to the household as well.

For example, if you have one at a sector of the house where the 5 yellow is, the misfortune star is awaken each time the wind bell rings. This is only going to be bad for the luck of the household.

So do be careful with where you hang them in the house.

Outdoors, placement can be at deck or patio areas with little negative effects… other than the occasional annoying melodies when a storm is approaching.

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