6 Best Wind Chimes And What Feng Shui Has To Say About Them

Even though wind chimes are one of the favorite products of feng shui believers, they make great decor additions to the house whether you believe in metaphysics or not.

In fact, the majority of homeowners who install wind chimes at home do it to add a little aesthetic attribute to the home.

There’s just something about seeing and hearing these things go about their business when the wind blows that gives us satisfaction. Something connected to installing an object that adds a little life to a space seemingly void of it. Or maybe we just feel good that we are making the most of natural wind energy to produce a little audio.

Here are best wind chimes that can be found on Amazon and what feng shui has to say about them.

1) Woodstock Amazing Grace Chime

This is an amazingly beautiful chime that is available in various sizes.

The rods are not just made of metal, but can also be visually identified as metal.

I just have to include that in as there are many metallic products these days that don’t resemble the material at all.

The chimes come with 6 metal rods which is the ideal number for those that are specifically looking for 6-roded chimes.

This is because the number 6 is also associated with the metal element.

A tiny issue some people might have with it is that it has certain parts such as the windcatcher that are made from wood which can cause a clash with the metal element.

However, the wooden parts can be observed to be rounded which is a shape representative of the metal element.

Overall, I won’t be surprised if the designer of this wind chime model took feng shui into consideration on the drawing board.
This is a great wind chime to add the presence of metal energy into a space.

2) Brooklyn Basix Freedom Chime

This wind chime also come with 6 default metal rods made with hollow aluminum.

It’s easy to install and also plays amazingly sounding tones like the Woodstock when the breeze blows. But a little clearer!

It’s appearance is remarkably similar to Woodstock too. But really how much design innovation do you expect a wind chime to be?

However, a couple of unique features are that it is made of recycled material and that it’s metal rods come in a few colors.

This means that you are not stuck with one color.

Colors can call on different types elemental energy. So if you are going into such specifics, the selection available should make you feel like a kid in the candy store.

Just be mindful that metal chimes will undoubtedly have a dominant metal energy. And the color you select is preferably not in conflict with metal.

It’s size is not too large and not too small. It is best described as mid-sized.

3) Music of the Spheres Pentatonic Alto

This chime is unique in that it measures a whopping 50 inches!

You can bet that it’s presence would be felt by visitors and guests. This means that you don’t need to bring it up during conversation in vanity. They’d probably ask you about it automatically. 😀

This is one of the highest quality chimes you can find if a big one is what you are after.

Each wind chime is meticulously handcrafted and built with UV protective material. I can visualize this being a centerpiece in a lush garden landscape.

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It’s tones are precision-tuned to the standard orchestra pitch. Ensuring soothing musical tones from a distance.

There no question that this is one item meant for the outdoors. You window frame might sink over time if you hang this thing on it.

4) Bellaa sea shell windchime

This item is made with gorgeous turquoise capiz in place of typical rods.

They might look fragile but are surprisingly sturdy.

On top of that the sound they make when the breeze blows is not as loud as how some metal chimes can be.

The make just enough noise for us to appreciate the forces of nature, and not too loud at a level of annoyance.

This particular set emits water energy and would be a great addition to the north sector of the house.

it would be a good deflector of metal energy if that is what your feng shui doctor ordered.

5) Pixpri Wind Chimes

If you are specifically buying a wind chime to add metal element to a space, then you are going to love this product as it is totally made of metal… except for the strings.

Even the windcatcher is metallic round which is a symbol of the metal element.

It plays a calming tone that sounds like a lyre and specifically made to be weather resistant too.

This means that it is appropriate both indoors and outdoors.

Designed with 6 rods, they also come in two color selections of gold and dark green.

6) Cohasset Antique Bamboo

This item would definitely appeal to those who loves rustic design.

Some people love the retro look so much that they buy older homes on purpose. This item is right up that alley.

I can imagine it enhancing that classic look hanging on a covered deck or patio.

While we often associate wind chimes with metal rods, this is made of natural bamboo and coconut wood. Making it a chime that brings wood energy instead of metal.

Amazingly, the 32-inch bamboo tubes are tuned to release a relaxing tone.

This is a design that is also suitable for Bali-styled resort interiors. After all, they are handcrafted from the island as well.

How many wind chimes to install?

We live in a privileged time where cutting edge technology is able to quickly and economically fabricate chimes of any shape and size… limited by the creativity of product designers.

With such a variety of beautiful wind chimes to choose from, it would be no surprise the though of lining up you deck with multiple chimes come to mind.

While it would be your prerogative to do just that, I feel that any space should only have one. Having two, three, or even more than that adds too much metal energy (assuming they are all metal rods) that they can potentially degenerate feng shu instead of enhance it.

Moreover, the sound of one can be lovely. But have a few of them clamoring for attention can be annoying on a stormy day.

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