Cypress Tree Meaning And Symbolism

The cypress tree is one tree with a unique alluring look.

The distinctive cone shaped tree have been documented to be able to reach a height as high as over 80 feet.

It’s mandarin name is bo shu (柏树) and it’s infamy regarding it’s ability to live to a ripe old age is as revered as the pine tree.

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However, while pine trees are mostly associated with being on mountains or in the gardens of houses, cypress trees are very associated with being present in cemeteries. This is even when the former is actually as commonly found in burial grounds as the latter.

One reason is that these trees can naturally grow to a great height. Thus, symbolizing reaching towards the heavens, or even as a bridge to the heavens which the spirits of the departed can take.

Planting them in organized fashion also helps to clearly demarcate areas for the living and the resting places of those who have left this world.

The form which this tree takes up instead of how most trees grow into a canopy shape is also seen in some circles as representing a single focused mind with one objective to attain. This explains the narrow and tall upward trajectory in which the tree grows into adulthood.

Yet in terms of symbolism, cypress tress are as symbolic as pine trees in representing longevity.

When cypress trees are depicted in painting and artwork, it carries the meaning of the wish for a hundred sons.

When it is paired with another creature that is generally auspicious such as the crane or deer with a landscape backdrop, it conveys the meaning of “100 blessings”.

When these pictures are sent as gifts, it communicates the giver’s wish for the receiver to gain authority and attain higher ranks.

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