6 Uses Of Salt In The House For Working With Energy

Salt has various applications in many different cultures, rituals and metaphysical practices. But the common theme even with these diverse uses is that of energy cleansing.

The belief is that sale is a powerful natural cleanser that is able to rid energy of it’s negativity. It absorbs rather than repel. Which is why people who use sale for the purpose of energy manipulation will always dispose of the used salt properly. Otherwise, keeping it in the house is basically anchoring the negative energy in the residence.

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It should also be said that using salt as a feng shui cure is a rather debated affair. It’s one of those things where there are 2 distinct camps with one for and one against.

So here is a list of how salt is frequently used, and you will have to decide for yourself which side you lean towards before using salt as feng shui remedies.

1) Salt at entry points

The common entry points into a house are the main door, back door and windows.

The idea behind this is that dwellings inflicted with negative energy at entry points like the front door for example, can greatly reduce or totally eliminate the negativity by placing salt in front of the door.

This is done by placing a bowl of salt on the left or right side of the main door so that energy is filtered as it enters the premises.

Take note that is for the removal negative energy, not the insertion of positive energy.

2) Salt water cure

The salt water cure is a very popular DIY item used by many feng shui practitioners specifically to counter the black sickness star and the yellow star of misfortune.

The logic behind this is that since salt attracts and absorbs negative energy, the more negative an energy is, the more potent salt would be absorbing them. And there’s probably no stars that are as negatively charged as these 2 stars in flying stars feng shui.

Water would also provide the calmness to hold onto the energies and prevent them from loitering around the house.

The salt water cure is basically prepared by using a jar or bowl with no cover, adding salt that amounts to about one-fifth of the container, put 6 chinese coins inside, and adding water to into the container until it reaches close to the brim. The 6 coins are meant to call on the metal element to pacify the hostile stars.

This salt water cure is then placed at the sectors of the house where the star 2 and 5 reside.

Just be wary if you have pets in the house. They can knock it over or even drink it and suffer from a bout of dehydration. It only needs to happen once for you to realize that this might not have been a good idea after all.

Because this is not a permanent fixture, it is mostly used for the annual stars instead of the mountain and water stars.

3) Himalayan salt lamp

Salt from the Himalayan mountains have become very popular in recent years.

If you are afraid of spilling your salt water cure, then the salt lamp is a good alternative that can be placed on the table. In this case, you have to be careful as it can be fragile and break apart. On top of that, they are known to “sweat”. So you might still have a mess to clean up.

In any case, Himalayan salt lamps are mostly used in feng shui to manage interior sha chi like those emitting from beams and pillars. Not specifically as a remedy for the stars 2 and 5.

They can sometimes also play the role of wealth energy enhancer at wealth locations, or as a mountain for areas that need support.

4) Cleansing crystal

Crystals are very popular decorative items for the home. Especially for those who practice any form of metaphysics.

But when you bring home a crystal item, be it citrine, clear quartz or amethyst, it is common practice to wash or soak it with sale water so as to cleanse it of negative energy that might be attached to it. This is especially so if it is a second-hand item.

You don’t know what kind of life a previous owner has lived. And the possibility of it carrying bad luck with it is too damning to ignore.

5) Space clearing when moving into a new house

Of the various rituals done when moving into a new house, one act that is never overlooked is to cleanse the energy before the new occupants move in.

This is typically conducted on the day of moving in. Salt is sprinkled at the corners of every room to clear the energy of negativity. This is so that any negativity left behind by previous residents is removed.

If the previous owner suffered from financial catastrophe, surely you don’t want any of that bad luck to rub onto you.

Feng shui practitioners should note that all the above uses of salt can be substituted with something else and achieve the same goals. For example, a metal object such as an iron dumbbell can take care of the 5 yellow just as much as any supposed cure, if not better.

So salt is not an essential item in your feng shui toolbox. And if it makes more practical sense to use something else instead of salt, there’s nothing wrong with doing so.

6) Feet soaking

While soaking your feet in a basin of water can remind you of a spa getaway, it is often used as a method of removing negative energy that might have followed you home.

For example, after visiting a funeral, it is believed that sometimes evil forces can attach itself to us and follow us home.

To play it on the safe side, soaking your feet with salt water as soon as you get home or before entering the house might give you the peace of mind that you did not bring anything “dirty” back into the house with you.

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