The Golden Rice Bowl Calls On The Luck Of Career Progression And Stable Income

In common mandarin language, the term tie fan wan (铁饭碗) is often used in casual conversation to express a stable job.

This expression partly originates from the golden rice bowl in Chinese culture.

While the word 铁 is translated as iron, iron is metal which in feng shui is represented by the word jin (金) as per the concept of the 5 elements (五行).

The golden rice bowl represents career progression and advancement, which in turn leads to stable income.

It is traditionally made of gold, which is why during ancient times, only the wealthy and successful could afford them.

However, people soon learned that using metal such as brass, copper, or iron, can have the same effects as the golden rice bowl.

This is possibly in part, due to them all having the metal energy.

Something to note is that when displaying a golden rice bowl at home, it should be accompanied by a spoon and a pair of chopsticks that are also made from gold.

The gold cutlery set (or gold plated) when displayed should not include an empty bowl.

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The common practice is to fill the base of the bowl with white or clear crystals chips which resemble rice.

If they are not put on display in display cabinets, then placement should be at the north as that is the sector that governs career.

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