The Heavenly Virtue Star Brings The Luck Of Powerful Mentors

The heavenly virtue star (天德) is a very influential symbolic star that brings the luck of meeting helpful benefactors, especially during times of need.

Sometimes known as the star of benevolence or simply as the star of powerful mentors, it is an overwhelming auspicious star to have in the bazi as mentor luck is something that people generally want to improve.

This is partly because there used to be an old-fashioned belief (that still exist today) that great success requires a certain level of guanxi.

People who have this special star in their 8 characters tend to attract these helpful mentors because of their kindheartedness, pureness in thought, and a down-to-earth approach to life.

Identifying the heavenly virtue star

Unlike other symbolic stars like the flower of romance or traveling horse, the character that represents one’s heaven virtue star is not limited to heavenly stems or earthly branches.

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Rather, they can be either of the two.

This means that an individual might have a heavenly stem that represents it, while another have a earthly branch that represents it.

To find this special star, reference has to be taken from the earthly branch on the month pillar.

Month Branch
Heavenly Virtue
E1 E6
E2 H7
E3 H4
E4 E9
E5 H9
E6 H8
E7 E12
E8 H1
E9 H10
E10 E3
E11 H3
E12 H2

Legend of symbols can be found here.

It’s worth repeating that the heavenly virtue is not restricted to stems of branches, and can be either of the two.

A mistake made here can render a bazi reading unusable.

For example, someone with the month branch of E5 would have H9 as the heavenly virtue. While someone with the month branch of E7 would have E12 as the heavenly virtue. The first person with a stem as the symbolic star, while the second person has a branch that represents it.

Should this star appear on any of the 4 pillars, then this person is deemed to possess the luck of benevolent mentors.

Sometimes in deeper and more advanced bazi readings, the day branch can be used as a reference point to identify mentor luck.

This star tends to also have a huge influence on the luck enjoyed by the spouse.

So if this star is lacking in in a person’s bazi, marrying someone with it can boost his or her general luck for success.

When the heavenly virtue star is present in a bazi, and is not in conflict with another character, it tends to swing the bazi to one that is above average.

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