Activating The Nobleman Star In Your Bazi

There are many types of symbolic stars (神煞) that can spruce up in anyone’s bazi.

One of which that happens to be a popular favorite among feng shui enthusiasts is the nobleman star (天乙贵人).

Don’t get me wrong.

You don’t need to believe in feng shui or bazi to desire the presence of this star in your 4 pillars.

Because who would say no to the appearance of a mentor or benefactor in his or her life to make life so much more fun and interesting. 😀

The concept of bazi destiny analysis that is based on your day stem, which is your personal self-element (or some call it day master), is that if certain earthly branches appear on your 8 characters, then you would enjoy a life filled with noblemen or noblewomen.

The table below will help you identify what earthly branches signify your nobleman star.

Self Element Nobleman Stars
H1 E2, E8
H2 E1, E9
H3 E12, E10
H4 E12, E10
H5 E2, E8
H6 E1, E9
H7 E2, E8
H8 E7, E3
H9 E6, E4
H10 E6, E4

Legend for the above table can be found here.

As we can see, every individual will have two different earthly branches that represent the nobleman star.

However, as our bazis are set in stone the moment we are born, it implies that if such a star don’t not exist on a bazi, then you are screwed.

That is correct.

But let’s not be anxious just yet.

Because the nobleman star can still make an appearance in your luck pillars as per the bazi.

In more advanced bazi readings, the heavenly stem on the year pillar can also be used to deduce the presence of nobleman stars.

However, at a fundamental and basic level, one should just stick to the self-element, which is the day stem.

When nobleman star don’t appear on bazi

As luck pillars in bazi consist of earthly branches that follow a set sequence, it is almost certain that anyone would run into a period or two of 5-year luck when the nobleman star is the chief influence of a person’s luck.

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More about luck cycles can be read here.

When you get into a luck period when the star is present, you need to activate it to enhance the potential of running into mentors and capable people who can make a positive difference to your life.

For example, if a person has the self-element of H3 (丙), his nobleman stars would be E12 (亥) and E10 (酉).

E12 and E10 are of water and metal elements, and northwest (NW3) and west (W2) directions respectively.

They can be activated by following the law of the 5 elements.

Just be mindful that when activating spaces with yang activities, take note of where the grand duke resides for the year as you don’t want to disturb the tai sui in the process.

This is also a period of time which you should keep your eyes open and look out for opportunities to meet “noblemen”.

Not that they would not appear during any other periods in time. Just that those who appear during this specific periods as stipulated in the luck cycle, will be of the greatest help and a good match for you.

The least you can do is to open up and be receptive to them when you stumble upon one.

And even if you have friends who are born in your nobleman zodiac years and don’t seem to be what you are looking for, don’t ignore the possibility that they might be the people who leads you to your nobleman.

From the above example, it can also be deduced that water and metal elements might be able to help you identify who are the genuine noblemen your bazi is referring to, and who are the frauds.

But that is a topics for another day.

Another side note is that if according to the luck pillars, a person has a nobleman star appear from the age of 1, then it often indicates that they are born into “noble” families that are already rich and powerful.

When the nobleman appears in unconventional ways

It is not uncommon at all to find that your spouse IS your nobleman star.

For example, maybe you have a day stem of H6 (己), making your nobleman stars E1 (子) and E9 (申). If your boyfriend or girlfriend is born in the year of the Monkey (E9), then there is every chance that he or she is the nobleman that your luck pillars are referring to.

This means you have one extra reason to marry him or her.

The same concept can be said of the “nobleman” being a friend, colleague, your kids, etc.

A deeper look into bazi is required to decipher what’s going on.

But you get the point I’m trying to make.

If you are married, and your wife or husband is going through a luck cycle period in which your nobleman star appears, it can also lead to indirect benefits that originate from mentors and benefactors.

It might even turn out that you meet one through your spouse.

A cliche to keep in mind is that based on the strength of self-element, a nobleman might be unfavorable to the person in question.

For example, if your day master is weak earth and a nobleman star is of water element, then the symbolic star would further weaken the strength of the day master.

In this case, one needs to get elementally strong before reaping the rewards that a nobleman could bring.

A house has it’s nobleman sectors

In advanced level of feng shui practice, sometimes the sitting of the main door to a house is used to identify nobleman star sectors within the premises. This implies that a property has it’s own nobleman stars.

For example, if your main door faces the direction N3, it would be sitting at S3 represented by the heavenly stem H4. Then it’s nobleman stars would be located at the heavenly branch sectors of E12 and E10 representing NW3 and W2 respectively.

The reference point don’t have to be a heavenly stem and a branch instead, using reverse referencing of the same table illustrated previously.

This also implies that some houses would not have nobleman stars as not all earthly branches are represented in the table.

Not just about meeting people of assistance

Finally, it is important to realize that the nobleman star is not just a sign of helpful people entering your life.

It is also associated with intelligence and an ability to think on your feet.

So enhancing your nobleman luck can help you in other life aspects as well.

And don’t forget that that if you don’t help yourself by becoming the best version of you, you might still be deemed as not being ready or worthy when noblemen appear in your life.

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