Why Rose Quartz Is The Feng Shui Crystal Of Love

It only takes one glimpse of rose quartz to instinctively associate it with love and relationships.

It’s no surprise that it is so appropriately named as the rose is a symbol of love all over the world. In addition to that the beautiful pinkish hue of this crystal is as seductive as the flower itself.

The Chinese name is fen jing (粉晶). And is also sometimes known as the stone of unconditional love in the west.

It’s reputation in attracting love, building relationships and blessing marriages is so revered that this pink crystal is often the first recommended item for placement suggested by metaphysicians to those who seek to find or maintain love.

The magic of rose quartz has been sworn upon by so many that so many crystal merchandise are designed with it as the centerpiece by jewelers everywhere.

So much so that we can find a whole series of designs launched by jewelry stores based around rose quartz. After all jewelry is one of the most popular gifts for loved ones.

Metaphysical attributes of rose quartz crystals

In terms of chakras, the high vibration rose quartz corresponds with the heart.

While most people realize that this is a gemstone related to building and enhancing relationships, what they also don’t realize is that it also works on their relationships with themselves.

It heals emotions and helps one find peace with himself/herself.

It is from this inner peace where one would be able and ready to reach a higher level of self-awareness.

In particular, crystal experts often prescribe rose quartz therapy for people with problems concerning the heart. This can be for both physical aspects and psychological aspects.

The deep pink color is also supposed to be linked to blood circulation within the human body.

Rose quartz is also unsurprisingly associated with love and relationships in feng shui.

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It is often used to power-up symbols of love by carving these symbols right out of rose quartz.

For example, some favorite feng shui items that can often be found to be made of rose quartz are mandarin ducks, geese, double-happiness ornaments, etc.

This is without mentioning that rose quartz by itself is a love symbol.

If you place a big sized rose quartz ball on your office desk, you need to be careful with personal romantic relationships developing at work. This might not be good news if you are already married or want to focus on work rather than to be disturbed by sexual harassment.

But if you are single and open to potential romance in the office, then having it at the workplace might bring about relationship opportunities for you to exploit.

This is why feng shui practitioners seldom recommend this pink colored crystal for someone who puts career as the top priority.

At home, rose quartz is almost always suggested for the southwest sector of the house as this is where the Kun trigram resides.

It’s placement here would bless a married couple with a long-lasting happy marriage in the household.

If all you want is to promote a more harmonious family with love in the air among members, rose quartz items can be placed in the living room and other common spaces.

This can also be appropriately placed in areas where there is a favorable mountain star according to the natal chart of the house in flying stars feng shui.

For those who are single, the crystal or feng shui items made from it, can be placed in the bedroom so that it’s powers in attracting love can be drawn upon when you sleep.

It can also be worn as pendants or bracelets as personal jewelry. Some people even carry this stone in their pockets or handbags to call on romance opportunities.

Another ways to enhance relationship luck for particular members in the household is to identify the directional sector where the trigram represents specific members.

For example, the east is associated with the eldest son. If his love life is what you want to see improvements on, then placing your rose quartz feng shui item in this sector of the house can be a targeted way to help him. The same can be said of the southeast which is linked to the eldest daughter. And so on.

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