Implications Of Doors Aligned In A Straight Line

It is never a good idea to have doors directly aligned with each other whether at home or in the office.

This door-facing-door feng shui ailment will occur when one or more door(s) are aligned in the same line of sight of each other.

The doors do not have to be in directly aligned perfectly for it to be recognized as a problem. As long as part of the door opening is in the line of sight of another, then the ailment will exist.

When there are two doors in this straight configuration, door facing door, it will lead to disharmony within the house and being the subject of adverse gossip outside.

When there are three doors, it leads to an inability to keep money.

When there are four doors, it leads to wealth loss.

When there are five doors, it represents emptiness and loneliness.

When there are six or more doors, you really need to evaluate the sanity of your architect. I’m pretty sure the feng shui police would like to invite him in for interrogation too.

When one of the doors facing each other involves the front door, the affliction is compounded.

Of the various residential homes that I have been to, the most doors in a straight line that I have came across was 5 doors. And I can only count a handful of them with such problems.

Here are some ways to manage this feng shui issue.

1) Remove extra doors

Very often, when there are 3 or more doors oriented in a straight line, at least one door will have no meaningful use for the household.

In fact most of the time, such redundant doors are constructed due to “creative” interior design meant for aesthetic reasons..

In this case, the removal of redundant doors should be seriously considered.

You might laugh at this. But a lot of people don’t think much about a door serving no real practical purpose until pointed out to them.

Sometimes sliding doors for access to the balcony can take up the whole wall space, and part of it is aligned with 3 other doors that aggravates this problem. This can be resolved by closing off that section of the full-wall sliding door and only have the door at a section outside the afflicted area.

Saying this, when there is a room door aligned only with a full-wall sliding balcony door to the balcony, this 2 door in a line layout will have negligible sha chi.

2-door alignment ailments usually are only harmful when both doors are for bedrooms.

2) Build a wall

Sometimes, removing doors is not an option as they serve real life practical functions in the house.

In this case, then the feasibility of building a wall might be a solution to explore.

When we say build a wall, the phrase don’t just refer to actually erecting a wall in the premises. It can also mean using shelves to act as a wall, using screens and divider, curtains, or enclosing a space for other uses such as a walk-in wardrobe.

This remedy is most useful when doors in alignment also causes the dreaded feng shui problem of the “sword through the house”.

This is a reference to a straight air tunnel or visual line of sight that enables one to see the other side of the house from one side.

In other words, the front door facing back door problem.

3) Placement of plants

Plants are the number one cure for blocking sha chi. Not because of it’s wood element, but for it’s ability to meander energy forces.

When there is absolutely no way to seal off doors or build walls, then the sha chi strength of the straight line can be reduced by placing plants in the line of fire.

This helps to slow down chi, reducing it’s potency in causing adverse feng shui that results in bad luck.

It should go without saying that if your intention is to build a wall of plants, go for those that are tall with a good height.

4) Hang paintings

Paintings serve the same purpose as plants in slowing down fast-moving chi.

They can physically affect the energy passing through the spaces.

The added benefit of paintings is that they can add the power of symbolic feng shui into the mix.

For example, if the sha chi is of considerable force, then paintings of elephants might be appropriate and be appointed as guardians of the space.

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5) Water features

Nothing slows down energy as effectively as water.

After all feng shui is about energy from the mountains being accumulated by water for us to tap on.

When suitable, indoor water features such as aquariums can help the household alleviate the door alignment problem in the house.

Just be mindful that when you get one of those water features with rolling spheres, take note of the direction where it is rolling towards.

Extra care must always be taken when the placement of water is a concern.

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