The Heavenly Joy Is A Star Of Auspicious Events

While every character in a set of 4 pillars can have both good and bad implications, certain symbolic stars lean heavily towards positive life aspects.

One of which is the heavenly joy (天喜) which is an indication of happy auspicious events and festivities.

Different people can categorize different types of events as joyous occasions. But some of the events that are generally joyous include marriage, birth of children, 80 year celebration, successful acceptance into government via outstanding results at the imperial examinations, etc.

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The arrival of the heavenly joy star is an indication that happy events worth celebrating are coming or brewing below the surface.

And if one is going through a rough patch of misery, this star can trigger a reversal.

Because of it’s linkage to marriage and the birth of sons, this auxiliary star is also sometimes seen as one of the 4 relationship stars in bazi that help paint a picture of an individual’s love life. The other 3 being the flower of romance, peach blossom, and red bird.

It is also said that men with this star will look decent. Women would have delicate facial features. Both genders would have an attractiveness boost with this star.

To identify which character is your heavenly joy, reference is taken from the year branch. This is the position directly under the day master. Then refer to the table below.

Year Branch
Heavenly Joy
E1 E10
E2 E9
E3 E8
E4 E7
E5 E6
E6 E5
E7 E4
E8 E3
E9 E2
E10 E1
E11 E12
E12 E11

Legend of symbols can be found here.

It should be noted that most expert bazi readers don’t pay much attention to the heavenly joy as it does not carry as much weight as other symbolic stars that can directly impact a person’s quality of life.

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