Wu Earth

Wu (戊) is the fifth heavenly stem. And thus, can sometimes take on the meaning of center.

In ancient times, it is a word that is used in reference to an axe or lance.

The element of Wu is yang earth (陽土), or what many people call big earth.

This is naturally represent by mountains, big boulders, huge rocks and stones.

They can be an immovable object, and a provider of refuge and protection to others.

While heavenly stems of other elements are associated with one of the 4 celestial creatures, the earth characters of Wu and Ji have no affinity with them.

This is not surprising as earth are neutral elements.

However, Taoist link it to the Yellow Phoenix.

Wu is present in all seasons. Specifically, the third month of each season. The term that describes these periods during the year is si ji (四季).

This indicates the Wu Earth is an all-season character. It’s strongest points are during certain periods during April and October.

Wu can also refer to the hours of 0700 hours to 0900 hours, and 1900 hours to 2100 hours.

Interestingly, it does not take up a place on the 24 mountains. This serves as further indication of it’s neutrality.

Because Wu is the fifth stem and known as a neutral character, many people don’t think that it is represented by any of the 8 trigrams. But like any other character it is most associated to one. And for Wu Earth, it’s the Ken trigram.

With regards to body parts, it is linked to the rubs, face and stomach area.

In Chinese numerology, it takes on the number 5.

Wu earth self-element

People with Wu as self-element (day master) are single-minded, solid, stable, dependable, and often stubborn.

They can also be exceptionally loyal and trustworthy. Someone you can count on to not let you down.

They are most likely the type of persons who can appear to be unfazed by problems and challenges that is thrown at them.

Exuding calmness is just part and parcel of what they do.

However, whether or not they succeed at handling crisis is another matter altogether. At least on the surface, they would appear like they know exactly what to do and being fearless in the face of adversity.

While single-mindedness is a hallmark of great men and high achievers, it can also lead to a stubbornness to change their minds or decisions even when all evidence that proves the contrary have been presented to them.

This is the main drawback of Wu personalities.

The relation of the elements to Wu Earth is as follows:

  • Wood – Status
  • Fire – Resources
  • Earth – People
  • Metal – Intelligence
  • Water – Wealth

We can look further into them by identifying the 10 gods.

10 Gods

Stem God
Jia Earned Authority
Yi Given Authority
Bing Indirect Resource
Ding Direct Resource
Wu Friend
Ji Competitor
Geng Introvert Talent
Xin Extrovert Talent
Ren Indirect Wealth
Gui Direct Wealth

More about the 10 gods is discussed here.

Wu earth in relation to other self-element heavenly stems

Self Element Wu Earth
Jia Indirect Wealth
Yi Direct Wealth
Bing Introvert Talent
Ding Extrovert Talent
Wu Friend
Ji Competitor
Geng Indirect Resource
Xin Direct Resource
Ren Earned Authority
Gui Given Authority
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