The Solitary Star Can Bring Misfortune To Family

While some symbolic stars in bazi are generally auspicious such as the prospects star, there are also those that are generally bad to have.

The solitary star (孤辰 or gu cheng) is one such star.

A person with this star as one of his 8 characters could be a loner, have unfriendly vibes, introverted, etc.

No surprises if someone with this star has been a bachelor or bachelorette for a long period of time.

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What’s even worst is that when badly conflicted, it can cause grave misfortune to family members, especially the parents.

Identifying the solitary star

To find this special star, reference has to be taken from the day or year branch.

Day or Year Branch Solitary Star
E1 E3
E2 E3
E3 E6
E4 E6
E5 E6
E6 E9
E7 E9
E8 E9
E9 E12
E10 E12
E11 E12
E12 E3

Legend of the symbols can be found here.

As there are only 4 earth branches that can be solitary stars, the above table can also be partially simplified as below.

Zodiac Solitary Star
Pig, Rat, Ox Tiger (E3)
Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon Snake (E6)
Snake, Horse, Goat Monkey (E9)
Monkey, Rooster, Dog Pig (E12)

For example, if you are born in the year of the Goat, then you would have the solitary star if Monkey is in your bazi.

As this is a generally unlucky star to have, feng shui should be used to minimize it’s impact on life aspects when it is present.

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