10 Items To Build A Feng Shui Fortress At The Office

In feng shui, we often hear about masters talking about how each person spends 8 hours a day in bed and there, the bed position and sleeping direction plays a critical role in personal feng shui.

But what is less mentioned is that many people spend 8 hours in the office as well. And many working adults actually spend much more than 8 hours at the workplace. So much that some might be embarrassed to admit it.

The point I’m trying to make is that the office, cubicle, or work desk that we work at can greatly influence personal feng shui as well. This is especially so when we consider that the office is where we generate an income.

The biggest difference between a home and an office from a feng shui perspective is that the former is a place to rest and relax, while the latter can often be more aggressive and competitive.

So while we can afford to let out guards down and quietly appreciate the aquarium in the living room or artwork in the dining room, we are often not afforded such luxuries at work where the environment can be more demanding.

At work, we are constantly formulating our strategies of attack like preparing presentations and submitting reports, and always on the defense like when being called out for mistakes and protecting ourselves from being burdened with more work.

It can be quite a battleground indeed.

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Here is a list of feng shui items to erect a feng shui fortress at work so that anyone would think thrice before crossing you… except your boss of course.

Do note that desk placement and command positions are important feng shui concepts as well but not the subject of this discussion.

This is about your bag of feng shui tools to build your personal fortress at work. And your colleagues (and even customers) would not know what hit them.

1) Rooster

The rooster is one of the most famous feng shui items for the work place. Many people actually have them on their tables without knowing what it is meant for.

The rooster is known for it’s ability to protect one from ugly gossips and being victimized by office politics.

This is partly because of it’s fiery reputation of not tolerating nonsense and B.S.

Place one at the corner of your desk or at an area behind you, facing the same direction as you are when seated.

Please know that by rooster, we are not referring to the rooster zodiac here. But as a creature for protection.

2) Coins

This is a protocol that is widely practiced in various countries including China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, etc.

It concerns the pasting of a coin on your calculator.

This is because when the calculator is being used at the work place, it is most probably counting sales and profits. The coin signifies having more money to count.

Coins are also often pasted on the cashiers of retail outlets. Especially in threes tied together with red string.

While this practice stared with Chinese coins, over the years it became accepted that any type of gold colored coins would carry the same meanings.

3) Victory banner

In competitive environments especially when your colleagues are your greatest enemies instead of the competitors, you’d need to triumph over the chaos to emerge with success that deserves recognition.

This is when you need to plant the victory banner to edge your rivals.

In the 100m sprint of the Olympics, a timing of just 0.01s faster can mean the difference between Gold and Silver. This is somewhat the same in terms of recognition at the workplace.

You’d want every little thing working in your favor instead of against you.

Place one of these banners behind you or at the workstation beside your computer screen.

4) Landscape painting

The landscape scenery painting is one of the most auspicious artwork to have at home and in the office.

Hang one behind you to have the mountain’s support and attract luck with mentors. No one would mess with you when there’s power and influence behind you.

If placing such a painting behind your seat is not possible, placing it on the right would increase your defense ability, and on the left would harness your attacking power.

If hanging a painting is not possible, then a salt lamp is an able substitute.

5) Pagoda

The pagoda tower is a symbol of intelligence, knowledge and wisdom.

While it is very appropriate for students, it is also suitable for professionals in the fields of research, writing, academics, and anyone in a position of power.

Set this up at your work space and you might find that people start coming to you for advice rather to feel out your weakness.

6) Ru yi

If you have your own office and have a display space, then the ru yi is one feng shui item that you should consider displaying prominently in that area.

In ancient times, the ru yi is an artifact that is bestowed by royalty to those who have made significant contributions to the country.

So auspicious was it that the rich and famous used them as gifts to very important people.

The sight of one would communicate to a visitor that he is in the presence of someone with status and recognition.

7) Wealth ship

The wealth ship is a merchant ship laden with gold and treasures.

They are very appropriate for business owners to display in their office to call on wealth luck.

If you are an employee, and your boss knows feng shui, don’t make the mistake of having a bigger wealth ship than his!

8) Mirror

For work spaces where your back is exposed, one would be vulnerable to back stabbing.

To counter this affliction, a mirror can be placed beside the computer screen so that what happens behind you can be observed.

While this does not effectively remove the affliction, it is a way to reduce the negative effects.

9) Dragon tortoise

The dragon tortoise is a combination of two of the revered 4 celestial creatures.

It provides support and protection from enemies, and helps prevent rash decisions that lead to catastrophic mistakes.

Place one made of brass behind your seat to call on it’s support for career advancement.

10) Crystals

The presence of crystals add earth energy to the workspace. They can help build and maintain good relations with colleagues.

A critical point to note is that when placing crystals either at home or office, make it a point to buy actual crystals instead of fakes. Getting fakes would defeat the purpose of having them in the first place.

Different types of crystals can also have different life aspects that can be enhanced. So so check out the list of crystals for more details.

If you cannot decide, some common safe bets are clear quartz, smokey quartz, rose quartz, jade, citrine, etc.

You can also purchase crystal chips of varying colors and put them in a small bowl. Then position it on a corner of the desk or corner of the room or cubicle.

If you are already under a fierce barrage of hostile office gossip, place 6 smooth crystal balls in the bowl.

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