How Zodiac Sign Jewelries Can Bring You Wealth Luck

The Chinese zodiac signs of the 12 animals is one of the most well known forms of astrology easily recognized around the world.

So popular are they on a global scale, that it is often the the topic that brings curious minds into the deeper study of bazi.

In fact, this wide interest on the topic is the reason why feng shui professionals make it a point to make predictions on the 12 zodiac signs on an annual basis when the lunar new year draws close.

These predictions that can be marketed on a mass market scale are based on the animal zodiac sign that an individual is assigned with on the year of birth. From this single information, forecasts are derived by readers to see what’s in store for each zodiac.

What people generally don’t realize is that these forecast and predictions made by reputable feng shui masters around the world offers just a peek into bazi at most. There are many details, theories and concepts that people don’t read about unless they put effort into educating themselves with bazi.

Consider that the annual animal zodiac sign that one has is just 1 character out of 8 in the wider study of bazi. Which is why those who are already knee deep into bazi study knows that the predictions made on these singular variables are surface level at best.

However, you don’t need to understand bazi and feng shui concepts to benefit from Chinese metaphysics. You just need to do what needs to be done… just like you don’t need to understand electrical wiring to turn on the lights. All you have to do is to flip the switch.

In the world of Chinese astrology, practitioners can sometimes suggest the wearing of animal zodiacs to boost their luck for personal feng shui. And those who buys something like a zodiac necklace would most probably buy one of his own zodiac sign.

What if another zodiac jewelry design is more beautiful, more detailed, and you find more affinity to it? Can it bring your success and wealth luck?

At this point, it should be said that there are essentially two camps of feng shui practitioners when it comes to the topic of wearing personal items for feng shui. One group thinks that it is complete B.S, and the other feels that it is part and parcel of feng shui philosophy. This is a debate that can go on for days without a clear winner, and is not the topic of discussion here. I would just say that if you are to choose a side, do it based on your personal study of the classics. Don’t be a blind follower and take a side just because your teacher belongs to a specific group.

If you are one who believes in the majestic power of symbolic feng shui and your luck can change by wearing accessories that compliments your personal energy, then you would be happy to know that a specific zodiac sign represents wealth luck to you personally.

So if you are to decorate your room with zodiacs , design your living room, wear a zodiac sign necklace or bracelet, etc, with the intention of attracting more wealth and income generating opportunities, having your wealth zodiac around can potentially be the metaphysical push you need to take your income to the next level.

Finding your wealth zodiac sign

Firstly, it is important to realize that the animal zodiac sign that represents your wealth does not necessarily equate to your annual zodiac sign.

To identify your wealth zodiac, you must first identify your day master. This refers to the heavenly stem on the day pillar of your personal bazi birth chart.

This can be done simply by using online bazi calculators that can be easily found online. However, do note that I have found some calculators that have calculated the wrong bazi.

So the safest way to find your day master is to do it manually as explained here.

Once you have identified your day master and self-element, refer to the below table to determine your zodiac sign for wealth luck.

Self Element
(day master)
Jia Wood (H1) Dog (E11)
Yi Wood (H2) Ox (E2)
Bing Fire (H3) Monkey (E9)
Ding Fire (H4) Rooster (E10)
Wu Earth (H5) Pig (E12)
Ji Earth (H6) Rat (E1)
Geng Metal (H7) Tiger (E3)
Xin Metal (H8) Rabbit (E4)
Ren Water (H9) Snake (E6)
Gui Water (H10) Horse (E7)

With your wealth zodiac now identified, having it around you at your work place or carrying it around with you as a pendant can help improve your luck with opportunities that bring wealth.

Some of the ways people bring their personal wealth signs with them are:

  • Printed on T-shirt
  • Wallpaper on phone and tablet
  • Wear jewelry with moulded designs on earrings, necklaces, bracelets, etc
  • On personal accessories like hairbands, wristbands, keychains, phone casing, etc
  • etc

If for example, you are of the daymaster Gui water. Then your wealth zodiac is the horse sign. Then carrying a keychain with horse design can help you align your personal bazi with money luck.

While this might be sufficient for most people, you can take this a step further by wearing your zodiac jewelry for the very first time during the hour of that particular zodiac.

The below table list the zodiacs and their relation to time.

Rat (E1) 11pm – 1am
Ox (E2) 1am – 3am
Tiger (E3) 3am – 5am
Rabbit (E4) 5am – 7am
Dragon (E5) 7am – 9am
Snake (E6) 9am – 11am
Horse (E7) 11am – 1pm
Goat (E8) 1pm – 3pm
Monkey (E9) 3pm – 5pm
Rooster (E10) 5pm – 7pm
Dog (E11) 7pm – 9pm
Pig (E12) 9pm – 11pm

For instance, if your daymaster is Ji earth and rat zodiac sign is your wealth animal, then put on your necklace during the rat hour between 11pm to 1am.

And if you have feng shui OCD and is still not satisfied, then we can take it another step further by wearing your charm pendant at the home sector represented by that zodiac.

The below table shows the zodiacs and their relation to directions on the compass. This is derived from the 24 mountains.

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Rat (E1) 352.5° – 7.5°
Ox (E2)  22.5° – 37.5°
Tiger (E3) 52.5° – 67.5°
Rabbit (E4) 82.5° – 97.5°
Dragon (E5) 112.5° – 127.5°
Snake (E6) 142.5° – 157.5°
Horse (E7) 172.5° – 187.5°
Goat (E8) 202.5° – 217.5°
Monkey (E9) 232.5° – 247.5°
Rooster (E10) 262.5° – 277.5°
Dog (E11) 292.5° – 307.5°
Pig (E12) 322.5° – 337.5°

For example, if your wealth zodiac is rabbit, then it’s directional sector is east 82.5° – 97.5°. So wear your item at the rabbit hour between 5am – 7am at the east sector of your residence.

You have to practice basic judgment on this one. Because if the sector in question is an area of undesirable energy like the toilet, skipping this step should be the intuitive thing to do.

Something else to note is that not all wealth zodiacs can be suitable to be carried around as it might directly clash with an individual’s personal zodiac. When this happens, one would have to tap on personal wealth luck by other forms of feng shui.

To determine whether your wealth zodiac clashes with your personal zodiac, identify your personal zodiac by referring to your year of birth. Then refer to the below table which is a quick view of the 6 clashes of earthly branches.

Rat (E1) Horse (E7)
Ox (E2) Goat (E8)
Tiger (E3) Monkey (E9)
Rabbit (E4) Rooster (E10)
Dragon (E5) Dog (E11)
Snake (E6) Pig (E12)
Horse (E7) Rat (E1)
Goat (E8) Ox (E2)
Monkey (E9) Tiger (E3)
Rooster (E10) Rabbit (E4)
Dog (E11) Dragon (E5)
Pig (E12) Snake (E6)

For example, if you have a Wu earth daymaster and born in a year of the Pig, then you shouldn’t use the pig to call on money luck as it clashes with your personal zodiac as it’s your personal grand duke.

In this case, you can still rely on good old-fashioned feng shui to tap on wealth luck at home.

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